Career & Life Purpose

Are you at that stage in your life where you feel there must be more to life than this?  Are you looking for a career change but don’t know where to turn?  Do you want to connect with your passion, but don’t know how to?

Instead of feeling:

·       Burned out and stressed

·       Like you’re stuck in a rut

·       Bored and unfulfilled

·       Ready for change but don’t know what your passion is

Are you are ready to:

·       Live your passion

·       Be on a career path that is aligned with your true authentic self

·       Achieve your dream-life

·       Create your new vision for a future that includes more happiness, success and freedom

In this Specialised Career & Life Purpose Program we use:

Career & Life-Purpose Coaching Strategies

Cutting-Edge Hypnotherapy to uncover any limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

Empowering Goal-Setting Processes

Identify your key values, passions and beliefs


Create your future and transform your life today.  Live a life full of passion, purpose and success! Click here to book a session with Myia.