Health & Wellness 

To achieve optimal health, the body and the mind need to be in sync.  Your physical health and wellbeing has a very strong connection with your emotional and energetic being.

Have you had enough of feeling:

·       Tired & lethargic.

·       Overwhelmed and anxious.

·       Totally stressed!

·       That you don’t have the time or energy to keep-fit.

·       That you don’t even know where to start!


We can uncover and release the unconscious obstacles and habitual patterns that are holding you back from creating the life, mind and body you desire.

In this Specialised Health & Wellbeing Program we help you:

·       Create powerful new programming to help nurture your mind and body

·       Develop positive habits and associations that empower you

·       Break down old behaviours that are no longer serving you

·       Set desirable and achievable goals with Mindfulness and Meditation


Permanent and lasting change requires that both the logical (Conscious) and emotional (Subconscious) minds are in alignment.

We utilise NLP and Hypnotherapy tools and techniques that assist in changing negative patterns around emotional eating and introducing new, empowering beliefs.


Take back control of the way you live your life.  Be the deliberate creator of your experiences and your choices. Click here to book a session with Myia.