Life Balance

So let’s examine your life a little.  Do you find that some areas of your life run easily and smoothly and yet there are other areas in your life that you feel so overwhelmed with that you can’t think about anything else?  Or that some parts of your life give you fulfilment, and yet other areas feel so empty that you have no sense of purpose or passion?


So, let’s break it down for you and let me ask you a question; which of the following work well for you, and which do you need help with, to achieve true life-balance?

·      Relationships – Partner, Communication, Intimacy

·      Family/Friends – Social Life, Time, Quality, Sense of Community

·      Career/Work – Work Hours, Career-Direction, Purpose/Meaning, Performance

·      Financial Security/Money – Income, Investment

·      Health & Well-Being – Eating Habits/Diet, Fitness, Relaxation, Emotional Health, Stress

·      Personal Growth – Education, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Peace of Mind

·      Recreation/Fun – Leisure, Passions, Laughter

·      Physical Environment – Home, Personal Appearance, Transport


Which area needs your immediate attention?  How would your life change if you made a positive shift in that area?


Are you ready to take action and start to create greater harmony and balance in your life? 


Choose to become more passionate, healthy, fit, inspired, loving, stress-free and HAPPY!!


Take control of your mindset today, and make the shift.  Learn how to feel completely fulfilled in all the important areas of your life. Click here to book your session with Myia.