Public Speaking

Do you get nervous when you have to stand up in front of people to give a presentation?  Are you filled with dread and fear at the mere thought of speaking in front of an audience? Fear of speaking in front of others can, to some, be almost paralysing – whether it be in an auditorium full of people, a presentation at work, or even when speaking-up at the small weekly boardroom meeting?


Make the change now, to be able to inspire, excite and motivate your audience.

 Are you sick of:

·       Feeling anxious

·       Dreading presenting

·       Being overwhelmed with a lack of confidence

·       Sabotaging opportunities to grow in your career


Then decide today, to take positive action and learn the solution to your fear.

In this Specialised Public Speaking Program we help you:

·       Identify the root cause of the fear

·       Install a Positive Mindset

·       Change your physiology into being powerful, calm and confident

·       Be able to build an engaging rapport with your audience


Look forward to being able to showcase your knowledge, influence people, and accelerate your career!! Click here to book a session with Myia.